Everything that you need to know about dental and oral health

Everything that you need to know about dental and oral health

Dental and oral health is considered as the important part of over all health and well-being. The poor dental hygiene can lead to various oral diseases such as gum diseases, dental cavities and many other diseases as well. But, you must know that maintaining oral health and practicing good hygiene is a life time commitment suggested by the best dentists in Abu Dhabi. If you start skipping good oral hygiene even for a short period of time, it can lead to several health problems.

Facts about dental and oral health:

Oral diseases are common in all ages and these can be treated by practicing good oral hygiene. Here we have added some facts about dental and oral health.

  • About 60% to 90% of school going children have at least one dental cavity.
  • About 100% of adults have at least one dental cavity.
  • 15%-20% of persons of ages 33-45 have gum diseases.
  • About 30% of people of ages 65-74 don’t have any natural teeth.

Symptoms of oral and dental problems:

You should regularly visit to your dentist to do proper care of your oral health because sometimes the oral problems are asymptomatic. However, here we have added few symptoms that if you feel any of these symptoms then you should visit to your dentist.

  • Bad breathing
  • Bleeding gums
  • Mouth sores
  • Toothache
  • Swelling of face and cheeks
  • Frequent dry mouth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Receding gums

Causes of dental and oral diseases:

Smoking, poor brushing habits, frequent snacking, hormonal changes in women, acid reflux, frequent vomiting, carbonated drinks, sugar containing foods and several diseases such as diabetes are the most common causes of oral and dental diseases. sometimes, the sugar containing food cause production of bacteria which are not good for oral health so these bacteria lead to several oral diseases.

Diagnosing dental and oral diseases:

Most of the dental and oral problems are diagnosed during medical examination. So, dentist will examine teeth, mouth, tongue, cheeks, jaws and neck. In the case of any complication or cracked teeth, the dentist may also recommend X-ray of teeth for proper diagnosis of dental problem.

Link between oral health and general body health:

The oral health and general body health both are linked with each other. Oral diseases can lead to various health problems such as heart diseases, endocarditis, premature birth and low birth weight. Bacteria from mouth can enter in whole blood stream which can cause infective endocarditis. Visit website for complete details.

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