Five things to consider when seeking eating disorder treatments

Five things to consider when seeking eating disorder treatments

Today the problem of eating disorders has become severe and widely spread around the globe. Initially, eating disorder was said to affect only young women, but now there are just as many boys, men and older women looking for the right sort of eating disorder treatment as well.

Most eating disorder treatment in Dubai focus on helping to deal with the underlying emotional issues that have actually caused the problems with eating in the first place. Let’s take a look at some of the things to seek for when working out with the eating disorder treatment program.

1. It is important that the treatment program should be long term based and not short term. Using interventions like making a person eat or prescribing anti-depressants won’t help to treat what is actually causing the problem. By knowing why a person is facing a problem can help to design a program that can combat the issues.

2. A good program that treats any eating disorder whether anorexia or bulimia, would definitely consider any imbalance in a person’s hormones first and find out if they are deficient in vitamins or nutrients that is affecting their eating. If the program is made up of several facets that look and connect a person’s emotional wellness to their physical well-being, it can help to bring about a complete change in the sufferer.

3. To avail the maximum benefits of such programs, look for those where various health professionals such as doctor, counselor and dietician work in close proximity with each other. Together they are able to provide the sufferer with a much more cohesive form of eating disorder treatment and the diagnosis they put forward will be consistent.

4. What a person should obviously be looking for when it comes to finding the right kind of eating disorder treatment? It must be something designed specifically to meet their needs. If one really wants to attain the right sorts of results, the chosen program should be flexible. It should deal with all aspects of one’s life, not just the physical but the emotional, spiritual and relationship sides of it.

5. Finally, you need to make sure that the person carrying out any eating disorder treatment possesses the relevant certifications. Those who either have an IAEDP (International Association of Eating Disorder Providers) or CEDS (Certified Eating Disorder Specialist) certificate are the reliable and expert therapists to reach out for such disorders and issues related to mental health in UAE.

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