Here are some recommendations for restaurant interior design in Dubai.

Style: The first factor to keep in mind when you are designing a restaurant is the style. There are many styles different styles such as you might want to have a restaurant that is quite classic or a restaurant that is trendy. You might even want to have a restaurant that is casual or you want to go for a restaurant that serves a formal look. The styles of your restaurant will also be dependent on the kind of food you will be serving.

Make a personality of your brand. You should decide some things when you are getting your restaurant designed. Your restaurant should be a combination of both unique and classic setting. Bring in something new and try to be creative. There are many themes you could go for you restaurant such as aero plane or jungle theme, etc. This is quite appealing for the people.

After deciding the style for your restaurant, the things after that are not very hard such as the lighting, workers, furniture, etc. All these things would be add on in the restaurant.

Decoration: The decoration of your restaurant most importantly depends upon the style you have for your restaurant. Graceful decoration can uplift the overall concept or designing of your restaurant and also makes the environment better. The concepts of colors you put in your restaurant also matters. The restaurants designed for families have soft and subtle colors. On the other hand, bars have quite bright and vivid colors. If you want to have a historic theme for your restaurant then you should have historic art and paintings and other things related to it.

Try to be as much creative as you can. If you want to have an inexpensive decoration yet appealing then going for graffiti is a good option. Be wise when doing the decoration.

Arrangement: The arrangement of seating should be according to the space you have in your restaurant and it should also depend upon the theme you are planning to have for your restaurant. The arrangement of seating should be such that people coming to the restaurant feel comfortable and relaxed.

If you restaurant is kind of casual then the arrangement of seating can be closer to each other. But, if you have a formal restaurant then arrangement of seating should be away from each other so people can talk about whatever they want to.

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